Earn 300 dollar of 10000 views by website LINKSAD

Earn 300 dollar of 10000 views by url shortner website LINKSAD

If you want earn 300$ of 10000 views by url shortner website LINKSAD. Read this full blog then you know how to earn Earn 300 dollar of 10000 views by Url shortener website LINKSAD. by shorting your url and monititzing your website you can earn money.

Earn 300$
Earn 300$

Hello friends, Today, the name of the website that we are going to know about the website is

target="_blank">LINKSAD. Friends, you can do very good Earning from this website. Friends, this website claims that it will give you 300$ dollar of 10000 views. this is 100% genuine website.

Friends let know how to do Earning. firstly got this website linksad. website link below 
joining link -- https://linksad.net/ref/arjunkashyap

1. Earn by shoring url

go to this website and register first after then type or copy any url and click on short. see here in photo.

LINKSAD url shortner
Url shortner LINKSAD
after this proces share your url on social media facebook,twitter,whatsapp etc. when any click on your url then your views increse and earning started.

2.Earn by monitizeing your website.

this is the second method for earning. if you have any own website and your traffic or not you can earn more by this method.
go to tools then fullpage script. follow setp below in imagecopy the given code first code or second code. first code is use to short url only that your given in your website.
second code is used to he convert all your link in in his site for earning more.
follow these steps--

LINKSAD url shortner
LINKSAD website

then do this 

LINKSAD url shortner
LINKSAD website
joining link -- https://linksad.net/ref/arjunkashyap
after compeleting this procces follow this step below.
go to your website i have blogger so do this on blogger. go to your blogger site then click on layout.

LINKSAD url shortner
LINKSAD website
click on layout then click on ad gadget then new window open then click fourth option HTML/JAVA SCRIPT and paste the code and save it. complete.
if any one click on your any link like home etc. then you have earn.

how to withdraw

LINKSAD url shortner

first fill this and then click on submitt and then click on withdrawn and then click withraw amount.
joining link -- https://linksad.net/ref/arjunkashyap

thanks for reading .if you like this articel then share it and comment below.

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