How to Sell off an Old and Non-Functional Mobile Phone for the Best Price?

How to Sell off an Old and Non-Functional Mobile Phone for the Best Price?

There are times when individuals find it hard to sell off used gadgets and that too if they are non-functional in nature. However, there are still a host of online platforms that accept redundant devices and eventually pay a decent sum of money in return. Therefore, if there are unused and faulty devices attracting dust by sitting idle inside the drawers, it’s time to speculate the situation and make arrangements for selling them off. What’s important to note is that an individual can easily sell old mobile online by approaching certain platforms which also offer detailed quotations depending on the existing condition of the device.

How to Sell off an Old and Non-Functional Mobile Phone for the Best Price?
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In the subsequent sections, we shall talk about some of the best websites which generally accept used and non-functional mobile phones without hassles:

1. SellnCash

Here is a website that usually entertains used mobile phones but also offer decent deals on handsets which aren’t functional anymore. The best thing about SellnCash is an automated interface that generates quotations, on the basis of gadget condition. What sellers need to understand is that getting anything in return for a non-working gadget is a win for the latter.

2. Envirofone

Here is an internationally recognized avenue that identifies the gadget condition based on the model name and number. Once the model number is furnished, Envirofone identifies the pain points associated with the device by putting forth relevant questions. While it’s obvious that prices take a hit upon encountering issues, this online platform is quite competent when it comes to offering a decent sum of money for a device that’s completely inactive. The user needs to pack up and send across the gadget to the mentioned address and the decided payment is immediately credited into the concerned PayPal account.

3. Mazuma

This website asks the seller to feed in the model number and then the maximum offered price for the same is displayed, almost instantly. However, the individual needs to establish that the device is in a working condition or not before finalizing the deal. While there can be multiple combinations to work with, Mazuma usually offers a slashed price tag if the mentioned device is in a non-functional state.

4. Omio

One can easily compare prices and different trader offerings, in regards to a used smartphone. However, there is also a provision for getting quotations for non-working pieces which cannot be revived. Therefore, if a person is interested in selling off a device that’s not in use, Omio is probably the best platform in place.

5. Trade-Ins and Exchanges

There are times when individuals prefer getting hold of a new gadget and the most obvious step ahead is to get good deals on used devices. There can be many old and non-working devices in a household and what can be better than to sell them off for some cash. This way it becomes easier for the sellers to use the earned cash for purchasing a brand new device. Not just cash, there are traders which also offer gift vouchers in return for the old smartphones

Why Selling off Non-Functional Smartphones is Important?

The only reason why people should look to sell off inactive devices is to minimize the existing electronic footprint. With newer devices launched every now and then, it is important that the non-working handsets get dismantled and the parts are used someplace else. This keeps the electronic balance intact and the environmental aspects are also taken into consideration. However, a seller cannot expect higher prices if the device is in a non-functional state. One alternative, however, is to get the device back to working condition and then selling it off over some of the more credible online platforms. This way, the handset automatically qualifies as certified refurbished which eventually attracts higher price points.


If there are non-functional mobile phones stashed inside different drawers of a person’s house, it is important to sell them off for some cash. While the quotations for used smartphones and that too inactive aren’t optimistic enough, getting almost anything for a broken handset is more of a win-win situation. That said, while financial perks are the bigger motivators when it comes to selling off used and non-functional mobile phones, minimizing the electronic footprint is also of paramount importance.

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